My Top 10 Vegetarian Eats in Memphis

I must confess, as a vegetarian, I was pretty nervous about moving to the BBQ capital of the world. Would I ever be able to find a restaurant with great vegetarian dishes? It took some time, but luckily – I did! In case any of you are Memphis-bound in the future or are wondering how to entertain vegetarian, vegan, or any friends, here are my suggestions. 🙂
1. Central BBQ: I love, love, love their Portobello BBQ sandwich! For the longest time, I believed that I would have to leave Memphis without ever having tried BBQ. Then, a friend of ours told us about this sandwich. It is so darn tasty! They also serve it on a salad, which I have enjoyed as well. 
Central BBQ!

2. Trolley Stop Market (TSM): What don’t I love about the Trolley Stop Market?!? I love their commitment to locally sourced food and the owners are such a cute little family. 🙂 If I had to pick to two dishes, their pizza is fantastic as well as their house-made veggie burger. Yum.

Chilling at TSM. 

3. Boscos: Boscos is the only brewery/restaurant in Memphis and I love tasty beer. 🙂 They also have some great food. I’ve tried a lot of things on the menu, but I think the real winner is their Black Bean and Goat Cheese Tamale!

Black bean and goat cheese tamale…

4. Molly’s La Casita: We’ve tried a few Mexican restaurants in town and Molly’s is the one that we keep going back to! My favorite is their Mushroom and Spinach Enchiladas with a side of the delicious black beans. I wish I could make black beans at home that were as good!

5. Movie Pizza Company: This little pizza place on Mud Island is so cute! Plus, their pizzas are superb! They work some kind of magic on the crust so it is just a little garlic-y and delicious!

Pizza Pac Man

6. Pho Saigon: There is nothing better than a steaming hot bowl of pho on a chilly day. This one is close to Will’s house so we usually end up here, but there are a few others in Memphis that I’ve heard are also good! I usually add cubed tofu to mine. 🙂

I am starting to warm up already.

7. Jasmine Thai and Vegetarian Restaurant: This cute little restaurant in Midtown was the first place that I’ve ever had seitan – and I’m totally hooked! They have lots of fun dishes to try.

8. The Elegant Farmer: This quaint little restaurant tucked into the back of an antique shop is owned by one of our favorite people in Memphis, Mac Edwards! Below is a fantastic mushroom and greens main dish with mashed potatoes I had during on of his “Last Supper (of the month)” theme meals. The menu consists of Southern food with a twist and is all obtained from local farmers. We see Mac shopping at the market a lot! If you could only go to one place on this list, make it this restaurant! 🙂

9. Abyssinia Ethiopian: Located on Poplar near the library, this is one small restaurant that is easy to just pass by – but you shouldn’t! I was a little skeptical judging by the outward appearance, but our friends Genevieve and Stanton took us there once and promised it was delicious. They were right! The vegetarian dishes are a mix of different vegetables and spiced lentils all served with injera bread. The fish is good too! If you are looking to try something different, stop here!

10. Fuel Truck: Ok, so this one isn’t a restaurant, but I had to mention it! Fuel is always at the farmer’s market and has some of the best vegetarian tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had! I wish I knew how they made their taco “meat” filling – it looks like it’s a combo of lentils and a few other things. Yum! You can track the truck from @FuelFoodTruck on Twitter.

Mmm… I wish I could have one of these right now!

A few other mentions… all equally delicious!
 – Rock-n-Dough Pizza! Another food truck run by one of the geniuses behind the delicious pizzas at Trolley Stop Market. Jeremy bakes up the pizza in a brick oven he has built into his custom trailer. So good! Follow the truck via Twitter @RocknDoughPizza!
 – Imagine Vegan Cafe. A nice little completely vegan restaurant tucked into a shop in Cooper Young. If you have a vegan friend in town – this is the place to go!
 – Bluefin downtown has a great selection of sushi. I love sitting at their outdoor tables in the summer and people watching. 🙂

For dessert??

Muddy’s Cupcakes!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
  I hope you had fun ringing in 2013 with friends and family! This new year promises to be one with a lot of changes! In February, we’ll be finally moving to Chicago!! Eek! I’m torn between my excitement to start something new and saying goodbye to the great friends we have made here in Memphis. There’s also that little thing of finding a new job – oi! It promises to be an exciting adventure though! 🙂
  Although I didn’t make any resolutions this year, I do have some plans/goals in mind! I hope to be doing some major remodeling on my little blog. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what the new year holds!

A Merry Memphis Christmas!

A few pics from our Christmas here in Memphis!
Salad with a side of Kinfolk.
Soy noodles, sun dried tomatoes, olives and veggie sausage pasta – Yum!
Roasted delicata on the side. 🙂
Impromptu tractor posing on our hike at Shelby Farms. 
Found this fixer-upper in the woods!

Enjoyed sipping this hot spiked cider by the tree! 
Honey came to investigate what all the excitement was about!
Then she joined in!
Christmas dinner! Cauliflower “rice”, veggie sausage, and beans Cajun style (by Will!),
with sauteed kale and roasted radicchio! 

Thanksgiving Y’all!

Friends and Family,
 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! I felt so blessed to share it with some great people yesterday! Seriously, I haven’t eaten that much in one sitting in years. Thanksgiving is the one day a year where I don’t necessarily “practice what I preach” as a dietitian! Ha. Since we were all Memphis transplants from across the US and abroad, the table conversation was so entertaining! There was definitely some time spent defining the terms “hot mess”, “djeetyet” (did you eat yet?),  “bless her heart”, and the many meanings behind “mmhmm” (it’s all about inflection!). Geneveive and Stanton were such gracious hosts. I had a wonderful time!

The Menu…
The table is set!
My favorite part of any meal… dessert!

I do need to brag on Will. He made traditional roasted red pepper chile sauce for the turkey which everyone just raved about! It complemented the smoked turkey perfectly. (That’s right, I ate a little turkey this year – I can have one cheat day. Plus I had never had smoked turkey before… it was delicious!) Hope you all had a tasty Thanksgiving!

Views from the Weekend

I was happy to have a long weekend – many, many thanks to my friends, family, coworkers, and patients who are Veterans! The weather was just gorgeous this weekend here in Memphis so, I made sure to enjoy it as much as possible! Lots of running and bike riding for sure. 🙂 Our bike ride on Sunday with our friend, Geneveive, turned into quite an adventure when a rain storm popped up! I was happy to be home again in warm clothes for my introduction to Battlestar Galactica. I can’t say that I’m hooked yet… but maybe in a few more episodes I will be!

Downtown Dining Week at South of Beale – Apple Cobbler with
Jack Daniels sauce. Yum!
Biking through Overton Park to the Victorian Village event!

Classic Souther Picnic Foods at the Victorian Village!
Catfish, hush puppies, coleslaw, potato salad and
The Main Event – Newly Remodeled!
It’s gorgeous!

Fall truly is my favorite time of year! I’ve been so happy to finally welcome skinny jeans, hot oatmeal, chai tea, and scarves back in to my life. That’s not to say I haven’t learned to love summery dresses since I’ve moved down South! (Which I seem to have started to accumulate more of than anything else in my wardrobe – haha!)
The work week has started off well so far with a fun Memphis Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting on Social Media this morning and a baby shower for my coworker Jackie this afternoon. I tried my hand at making buckeyes for the first time for the shower. Gosh, I had forgetten that they are so delicious!!

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Happiest Race on the Planet

Good Saturday Afternoon!
 I have been looking forward to The Color Run for what feels like ages! So, you must imagine I was super pumped this morning when race day was finally here. 🙂 For those of you who have no idea what this race is all about check out the website –> Like most organized 5Ks, this race travels the country picking local charities to support with registration fees such as the DeNeuville Learning Center for the race here in Memphis. Everyone who signs up comes to the race wearing a white tee and accessories. During the race, volunteers throw colored powder (made of dyed corn starch) at you! Sounds a little ridiculous but it is so. much. fun!!! The running part just seemed to fly by. Plus, it was refreshing to do a 5K with no time chips or trophies! The purpose was to just enjoy yourself! Will was super supportive and hung around to see me off a the start line and gather my rainbow dusty self at the finish. 🙂

Two thumbs up for The Color Run!
There was such a huge crowd!
Definitely got a lot of orange powder right to the face!
Not the best tasting stuff in the world… ha!
Funnest adventure race ever. 🙂

I will totally be doing this race again in the future if it is around again next year wherever I may be. Hopefully I can convince  few friends (or maybe Will!) to join in on the fun next time!

Only in Memphis…

It’s true that “the King” didn’t die. You can walk out onto the street at any point during Elvis week in Memphis and see him alive and well… and his twin? Oh wait, there he is again! Oh yeah… it’s Elvis week in Memphis! Our friend Josh invited Will and I to join him on a whim to check out the Elvis Tribute Artist Contest at the Cannon Center. We’re not really Elvis fans by any means, but this was actually a lot of fun! I can’t believe how serious people are about keeping the spirit and music of Elvis alive and well! The show we went to was one round of perhaps 4 to decide who will be this year’s best Elvis Tribute Artist.We moved seats at intermission to get a little closer to the action and ended up beside some die-hard fans. This older couple were prepared with binoculars and score sheets! They were happy to pass their binoculars and point out little flaws in each performance- one guy had the wrong kind of scarf on… for shame! Hehe.

That white suit outfit was a popular one!
Red pantsuit Elvis…
Picture with an Australian Elvis Tribute!

Glad we can finally say we did at least one Elvis-themed activity here in Memphis. 🙂