10 of My Favorite RD Bloggers

For today’s 10 link Tuesday, I thought I would share 10 of my favorite, fellow RD bloggers. Until I started blogging myself, I never realized just how great of a community of dietitians in social media I was joining.

10 Favorite RD Blogs

  1. Kath Eats Real Food: Kath’s blog was one of the very first that I ever started reading. I love her simple, approachable way of talking about healthy eating. She posts almost all of her meals too. They always look so delicious!
  2. Inspired RD: I love Alysa’s honesty when it comes to living and eating with celiac disease. If I come across a patient with this diagnosis, her blog is one I suggest following!
  3. The Lean Green Bean: Lindsay’s blog is the place for fun recipes, crossfit tips, and the famous Sunday Food Prep shoutout!
  4. Prevention RD: Nicole’s recipes and pretty photography are worth every visit to her blog!
  5. Nutritionella: At first, I was drawn to Elle’s blog because I really admired her design as well as her fabulous photos. Plus, her recipes are delicious!
  6. Nutrition Unplugged: I admire Janet Helm’s way of using well researched posts to dispel common nutrition myths.
  7. Dietitian Cassie: I love Cassie’s no nonsense approach to nutrition and we share a lot of similar philosophies about diet and health.
  8. Fannetastic Food: I love reading about Anne’s newest running adventure and her simple recipes always turn out so yummy.
  9. Nutrition Adventures: Karman’s food photogrophy is gorgeous and her recipes are always so creative.
  10. Delicious Knowledge: I just recently found Alex’s blog, but I am so glad I did! She has it all – fabulous recipes, gorgeous photos, and fitness tips as well!

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