A Full Body Workout from Just 3 Moves

So, this is kind of a funny story. A couple of weeks ago, I was still feeling pretty sore the day after my normal Monday night Body Pump class. I still wanted to do something active though, so I decided to go to a pilates class, thinking that it would be nice and easy. When I get there, I find out that the normal instructor is on vacation so a personal trainer named, George, would be subbing. Only, George did not plan on teaching pilates at all, but an intense body weight class! I felt too self conscious to leave, so I decided to suck it up and see what I could do. The class involved a lot of squats, burpees, push ups, sit ups, mountain climbers and more. I was entirely spent by the time the class ended! Plus, I ended up leaving with a few new tricks up my sleeve for things I could do on my own at home. Today, I wanted to share one of them! This is one of the short, 10 minute circuits George had us do towards the end of the class. Who knew you can get a super quick, full body workout in just 10 minutes. This circuit is great for those days when you are short on time. Plus, since there is no equipment required, this is a workout you can do just about anywhere!George’s Simple CircuitRepeat each set of three moves 10 times. You can do this workout at your own pace, or if you want to make it more challenging, try to complete each set of 3 moves in less than one minute. The faster you move, the more time you have to rest between sets! By the time you complete this simple 10-20 minute workout, you will have done 50 pushups, 100 sit-ups, and 150 squats!


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