10 Link Tuesday: Yummy Frozen Treats and Other No-Bake Goodness!

DSCF48521. Need to cool off on a summer afternoon? How about one of these yummy frozen snacks from the Lean Green Bean?

2. I really enjoyed reading about this strategic approach to finding a new job from Our Freaking Budget. If I decide to change jobs again, this might come in handy in the future!

3. I am drooling over these no bake almond joy cookies!

4. Speaking of almond cookies, I really want some of these raw almond butter cups from Oh She Glows!

5. I am learning to love strength training these days since I’ve gotten hooked on the Body Pump classes at my local YMCA. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love a simple at home workout like this full body weight workout from the Purely Twins. 🙂

6. I am so intrigued by this balsamic stone fruit sundae – sweet, savory, tart… unite!

7. Come fall, I will have to remember these upside-down apple tartlets. Yum!

8. I’m realizing that I am way behind on the green smoothie trend! Maybe this week I’ll cave and whip up one of these peach green smoothies from Pinch of Yum.

9. Will and I just picked up some cute little dip dishes at Ikea over the weekend. They would be perfect for serving a batch of this garlicky eggplant and yogurt dip.

10. Peaches have just started popping up at the farmer’s market here in Chicago. I’ll have to use a few to make a batch of this peachy greek frozen yogurt from Nutritionella.


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