My New Favorite Piece of Home Fitness Equipment

IMG_20130623_112813Hello Friends! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today, I just wanted to pop in real quick to tell you about my newest investment for at-home workouts: a kettlebell! Will has been a big fan of this funny shaped weight for years but I was unconvinced. However, after seeing more and more workouts online using them, I thought I would finally give it a try and see what all the hype was about! I found a good deal on mine at a discount sports store here in town called, Play It Again Sports. I am kind of a weakling, so I started my collection with just a 15 lb one. Sunday, Will showed me a few of the basic moves and I woke up so sore the next day! Who knew it could be such an effective strength builder.
Part of the advantage of a kettlebell over a dumbbell is that you can target numerous muscle groups with one move rather than just a few. Plus, a lot of these exercises incorporate a bit of cardio in addition to strength conditioning. To get an idea of some of the things you can do with a kettlebell, here are a couple examples of popular exercises:

I also found a few great workouts online that incorporate kettlebells!

Do you ever lift weights, or do you always go for a cardio workout at the gym? Have you ever tried kettlebells?


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