10 Things Tuesday: Cookies, Abs, and Vegetarian Eats!

1. If you haven’t tried browning butter to use when baking, you have got to try it. After making Joy the Baker’s browned butter blueberry muffins once, I was totally sold! When you use browned butter, I think whatever you are baking gets a delicious caramel-like undertone to it. Yum! Now I need to try the browned butter chocolate chip cookie recipe she just posted!
2. Speaking of chocolate chip cookies, I just bookmarked Pinch of Yum’s guide to the perfect chocolate chip cookie. She offers a lot of great tips I never would have thought of before!
3. It seems like every time summer rolls around, everyone starts talking about their magic diet or exercise tips for obtaining rock solid, bikini ready abs. Although I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to obtain that 6-pack you see in the magazines (can anyone do that?!), I will be trying out this summer ab series from Fit Souffle for the fun of it!
4. I can’t wait to get some replacement pieces for the outdoor fire/grill pit at our apartment so we can start grilling up some great food – like these grilled peaches with strawberry basil sauce.
5. This lentil, sweet potato and spinach stew from Nutritionella has all of my favorite things in it!
6. I totally need to make this kale, black bean, and avocado burrito bowl from Cookie + Kate. I love simple, yet wholesome meals like this! (If only I could make mine as pretty as her is… sigh).
7. With only 6 ingredients, these chocolate peanut butter balls from Eat Yourself Skinny look like such a fun, easy snack!
8. Almost every time Will and I go out and order a salad it usually has arugula in it. At that point, I remember just how tasty it is when mixed with the right ingredients. It hasn’t shown up at the farmer’s market yet, so I might have to grab some at the store so I can make this yummy butternut squash and arugula salad from Eating Bird Food.
9. I always enjoy the recipes from Real Food, Real Deals because she not only makes healthy dishes, but she gives you an idea of how much they would cost to prepare. Her collection of thrifty vegetarian dinners this week is definitely worth checking out!
10. I secretly wish I could do this to one of the doorways of our apartment 🙂


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