10 Things Tuesday: Summer Salads and Some Workout Inspiration

DSCF4699-0011. Too often, it is easy to get caught up in the ‘comparison game’ since I follow so many fitness and health bloggers. That is why I loved this post by the Fitnessista on “you don’t have to be ‘good’”.
2. Who knew you could make dark chocolate truffles with avocado?! This recipe looks so incredibly simple it’s ridiculous. Definitely making these ASAP!
3. Every one of these “this is how I feel” posts make me chuckle!
4. Normally, I head to Blogilates for her awesome workouts, but the other day, I just couldn’t help taking a look at her healthy donut recipe. They look yummy!
5. Getting bored with your workout routine? Check out these 5 tips to avoid workout boredom from NutButterRunner.
6. We just bought some delicious Michigan strawberries at the farmer’s market this weekend. Too bad I didn’t take the plunge and buy the rhubarb I had been eyeing too. I could have been enjoying these strawberry rhubarb smoothies for breakfast!
7. Need to lose a couple of pounds to be beach ready? Check out Kath’s 7 diet tweaks for weight loss. I wholeheartedly agree with her approach of making small changes!
8. Hearty, make-ahead salads like this summer quinoa salad so nice to have on hand for yummy, easy-to-pack lunches throughout the week!
9. Speaking of salads, I really want to try this tomato and peach salad with buttered bread and pistachios. Talk about a salad packed with flavor!
10. I love how simple, yet effective all the Purely Twins’ workouts are. I am excited to try out this new core and back strength one this week!


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