Sometimes it’s Ok to Laugh… at Yourself!

If you know me well, you also know that I am quite the klutz. That’s right – in real life, I am not the ultra suave, put-together persona my blog portrays (kidding!). Let’s just say, over the years I have learned to deal with embarrassment smoothly from practice! Ha. For example, the first time I went running with my roommate in grad school, Charis, I fell flat on my face on the sidewalk. That wasn’t the first time I would fall while running in the city either! During my dietetic internship, our class attended a diabetes training day. A microphone was passed around the room of about 75 people so we could all introduce ourselves. When I got the microphone, I stood up and promptly knocked my chair over, moved to upright it, and knocked it over a second time! Graceful much?


So since it is Monday and we could all use a bit of a laugh, I thought I would share a bit of an embarrassing/klutzy moment from my weekend. 🙂

I bought a Living Social deal this past week for a month of unlimited yoga at a studio in my neighborhood. Over the last couple of years, I have learned to embrace yoga. I used to think that it wasn’t a good workout because I didn’t break into a sweat – that was until I tried hot and Bikram yoga! Moksha doesn’t have hot yoga, but the two 90 minute Vinyasa classes I have attended so far have definitely worked my muscles! I have been sore the next morning both times. Whew!

yoga collage

Anyways, on to the funny story. If any of you have done much yoga in the past, you might have also tried inversions. As a person that avoided doing any kind of gymnastics for fear of breaking something, these poses are terrifying for me! Basically, inversions are a fancy way of saying “handstands”. In class yesterday, the teacher wanted to lead us through a shoulder inversion (See above). She had one student demonstrate the sequence for getting into the pose and I thought, “no big deal, this looks simple enough” (and it is for most people). I was wrong!

The first part of the sequence requires you to first, lift your legs up and over your head into plow… that was where I ran into trouble!  I couldn’t get my mind and legs to cooperate. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I start to feel like I’m starting to go upside down, my brain starts yelling, “Noooooooo!”. Even so, after a couple of attempts, I actually did get my legs up and over my head towards plow… but I just kept going! So instead of plow, I did a backwards ninja roll right off the back on my mat. When I turned myself around, I tried not to chuckle and noticed that everyone else had gone right into the shoulder stand, no problem! The instructor did notice my sweet rolling skills and tried to assist me with going in to the shoulder stand correctly. Lol.

Just when I thought I was getting more confident at yoga, I discover a new pose that somersaults my confidence. However, it gives me yet another new pose to work towards, another challenge. That’s what it’s all about, right?  I did ask the instructor to walk me through the sequence again after class so I can practice it at home.  Maybe I could even do this one day?! (Ha!)

Body as Temple

Do you have any embarrassing stories? Have you ever tried inversions in yoga?


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