10 Things Tuesday

10 Things Tuesday!

1. Have you seen this sandwich?! Leave it to Joy the Baker to imagine up such deliciousness.
2. I had a very happy birthday yesterday! When Will got home from work, we headed to Revolution Brewery for some tasty eats! They had quite a few tempting vegetarian/vegan eats, I was impressed!

Pecan crusted tofu over greens…
Seared fish over sunchoke puree and lentils – definitely a winner!
We did so many takes to try to get a pic together. I still look weird in this one! Oh well. Ha!

3. I tried out this Dirty 30 Workout via Blonde Ponytail this morning. I quickly realized how much of a weakling I am!
4. This girl, Sarah Jane Skaggs from Pretty Providence knows how to create a food budget like a boss! She and her husband manage to spend only $30 a week on groceries!! I need to take a few tips from her.
5. FRESH berries are in my life again! Yippee for spring. 🙂
IMG_20130401_074745 6. Can I make a confession? The Gangnam Style Pandora station has been my go-to for runs lately. Don’t judge!
7. I am thinking about signing up for a couple of races… like the Zooma Half Marathon, the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon, or any of the dozens of fun 5Ks they have all year in the city!
8. Speaking of races, I think I still want to try a marathon one day. I am definitely intrigued by this Run Less, Run Faster training plan where you run 3 times a week verses 4-6. If running less can prevent injury better, then sign me up!
9. Beet and Goat Cheese Hummus?! Yes, please!!
10. Will’s Dad and Dolly sent us a little package of goodies for my birthday and Easter. I am excited to sip on the tea and read Fair is the Rose by Liz Higgs. They also included a little something for Honey… she was super excited!! So cute. 😉


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