10 Things Tuesday

1. We experimented with homemade ricotta cheese this weekend. I would say that it was a delicious success! We added it as a topping on our cauliflower pizza on Saturday night and again in tomato soup on Sunday. Yum.

Ricotta cheese in the making…
Nothing better than homemade cauliflower crust pizza!

2. I am excited to try out this 5-minute ab workout sometime this week!
3. We unpacked our last box this weekend and finally had our dryer installed yesterday! No more unpacking or trips to laundromat – yippee! 🙂
4. As I wait to get started on my new job (there’s a lot of paperwork involved!), I picked up Anna Karenina since I have some time on my hands. It was one of those books on my “must-read” bucket list. So far, I am enjoying it so much more than I thought that I would! I can’t say that I am not still intimidated by the length – I’m already 300 pages in and that’s not even half-way. Oi.

5. This post is a great reminder about balancing healthy eating/living with the occasional indulgence. Love the 80/20 rule!
6. I am very slooowly getting back into running! So far, the farthest run I have done is 3.5 miles. I have been making sure to incorporate some good lower body (ie. leg) strength training (like this workout or this one!) to build up some of the accessory muscles in my legs that don’t get a good workout during running. I hope this will help me prevent any more knee issues!
7. Smoky Maple Lentil Salad? Yes, please!
8. This weekend, we finished up the last episode of season 3 of Downton Abbey. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you keep some tissues handy…
9. Remember chia pets? Would you have ever guessed that the little seeds that grew into green “fur” for your pet are now a popular health food?! I am loving chia seeds! I added them to my oatmeal over the weekend and my smoothie this morning. It’s a great way to add some heart-healthy omega-3’s to your day!
10. Lately, I can’t get enough of the band Of Monsters and Men! Here’s one of their tracks that’s been stuck in my head this week…


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