10 Things Tuesday

1. Although I have a die-hard love for oatmeal, I was thinking it would be nice to try something new. This Chia Seed Breakfast Bowl by Oh She Glows looks delicious!
2. This post “Focus on What to Eat, Not Delete” by Janet Helms at Nutrition Unplugged was a great recap about avoiding this current “food intolerance” craze!
3. Yesterday, I tried out this new Sworkit app that I found via Nutritionella. I loved it! Now that I don’t have  a gym membership, this was a great way to get a short workout in at home – no equipment needed! They have a lot of different workouts to choose from or you can create your own. I tried out a 30 minute cardio one and was a sweaty mess by the end!
4. A new study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that a Mediterranean diet can lower risk of death from heart disease by 30%. In fact, the protective trend of the Mediterranean diet was so significant they stopped the study early! Check out this article to find out more about what foods are included in the Mediterranean diet.
5. I am hoping to make a big pot of chili similar to this Veggie Quinoa Chocolate Chili by Nutritionella. Yum!
6. Over the weekend, Will and I picked up this huge 5 pound box of frozen blueberries at the farmers market. I added them to my oatmeal this morning… so good!

7. Lately, I have gained a new appreciation for green tea… then I happened upon this Green Tea Latte. What?! I need to pick up some matcha and try this out. 🙂
8. Now that I am living in the wintry north again, I have been craving lots of tea, hot coffee, chili and soup. This Spinach Soup with Garlic Thyme Croutons from Joy the Baker looks perfect for a snowy winter day.
9. According to data from the most recent NHANES for 2007-2010, American adults consumed 11.3% of their daily calories in the form of fast food. When fast food is so deficient in nutrients and high in calories, this is scary! However, on a positive note, this was a decrease from 12.8% of daily total calories from fast food noted in the 2003-2006 survey.
10. Guess what?! March is National Nutrition Month! The theme this year is, “Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day.” Here’s a sneak peek at what we had for dinner last night – an example of how two RDs eat right. 🙂 So tasty!


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