Greetings from Chicago!

After loading up two storage cubes and both of our cars, we made the journey north to start this new chapter of our lives in the windy city – Chicago! I was pretty nervous about seeing our apartment for the first time since we signed the lease without visiting first. Luckily, we picked a good one! After a long week of moving, I am so excited to finally be mostly settled in to our new little 2 bedroom in Logan Square. Now, it’s time to keep job hunting and get back to blogging!
This weekend, we took a couple of breaks from unpacking to have some fun in town. On Saturday morning, we went to a free vegan Italian cooking demo at Native Foods (love that place!). The chef doing the demo was very high-energy and made watching the demo a lot of fun! Of course, we also got to try samples of all the dishes, which included marinated olives, asparagus risotto, pasta puttanesca, and tiramisu! Since they gave us all that recipes, I am looking forward to recreating them all again from home!

Marinated olives and caper berries
Pasta puttanesca!
Super excited to try this vegan tiramisu!

Saturday evening, we headed out to refuel after tackling the mountain of boxes in our living room. Being new to town, we had to try a Chicago classic – deep dish pizza! I tried it when we came to visit in October and have been craving it ever since! If you’ve never had Chicago deep dish pizza before, think of it like “hand-held lasagna” (per Will’s description!). You’ve got two crusts, a big layer of cheese and spinach, and a spread of tomato sauce on top of it all. Yum!


We checked out the indoor Logan Square Farmer’s Market and did some shopping on Sunday to round out the weekend. Apparently a small company called Phoenix, makes their own tofu from local, non-GMO raised soy and sells it at the market, who knew?! We bought a pound of their spicy tofu which I am so excited to try! I’m beginning to think I am really going to love Chicago!


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