Healthy sELF Challenge

Let’s be honest. I need a little extra motivation some days to get me out the door and headed to the gym to workout. Now that I don’t have the accountability of a running group, it’s been so much harder to stay on track! That’s why I was so excited when bloggers Nutritionella and The Lean Green Bean announced the Healthy sELF Challenge! It officially kicks off today, February 4th!


Here’s how it works…
1. Go to to sign up for the challenge and newsletter.
2. These lovely lady bloggers created a schedule of three weekly challenges to complete on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. The challenges relate to health, nutrition, or fitness – all with the goal of making/keeping you healthy!. For example the challenges for the first week are:
 – Go meatless for a day! (Monday)
 – Do 100 burpees throughout the day. (Thursday)
 – Start a new book. (Saturday)
3. For extra motivation and to document your challenge successes, use the hastag #healthysELF when posting on Twitter and Instagram. You’ll be able to see what other members of the challenge are doing too!
4. Join in on the fun on Facebook as well!

the lean green bean

Of course, I’ll share some of my Healthy sELF experiences with all of you on my blog! Won’t you join me and get healthy? 🙂

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