My Top 10 Vegetarian Eats in Memphis

I must confess, as a vegetarian, I was pretty nervous about moving to the BBQ capital of the world. Would I ever be able to find a restaurant with great vegetarian dishes? It took some time, but luckily – I did! In case any of you are Memphis-bound in the future or are wondering how to entertain vegetarian, vegan, or any friends, here are my suggestions. 🙂
1. Central BBQ: I love, love, love their Portobello BBQ sandwich! For the longest time, I believed that I would have to leave Memphis without ever having tried BBQ. Then, a friend of ours told us about this sandwich. It is so darn tasty! They also serve it on a salad, which I have enjoyed as well. 
Central BBQ!

2. Trolley Stop Market (TSM): What don’t I love about the Trolley Stop Market?!? I love their commitment to locally sourced food and the owners are such a cute little family. 🙂 If I had to pick to two dishes, their pizza is fantastic as well as their house-made veggie burger. Yum.

Chilling at TSM. 

3. Boscos: Boscos is the only brewery/restaurant in Memphis and I love tasty beer. 🙂 They also have some great food. I’ve tried a lot of things on the menu, but I think the real winner is their Black Bean and Goat Cheese Tamale!

Black bean and goat cheese tamale…

4. Molly’s La Casita: We’ve tried a few Mexican restaurants in town and Molly’s is the one that we keep going back to! My favorite is their Mushroom and Spinach Enchiladas with a side of the delicious black beans. I wish I could make black beans at home that were as good!

5. Movie Pizza Company: This little pizza place on Mud Island is so cute! Plus, their pizzas are superb! They work some kind of magic on the crust so it is just a little garlic-y and delicious!

Pizza Pac Man

6. Pho Saigon: There is nothing better than a steaming hot bowl of pho on a chilly day. This one is close to Will’s house so we usually end up here, but there are a few others in Memphis that I’ve heard are also good! I usually add cubed tofu to mine. 🙂

I am starting to warm up already.

7. Jasmine Thai and Vegetarian Restaurant: This cute little restaurant in Midtown was the first place that I’ve ever had seitan – and I’m totally hooked! They have lots of fun dishes to try.

8. The Elegant Farmer: This quaint little restaurant tucked into the back of an antique shop is owned by one of our favorite people in Memphis, Mac Edwards! Below is a fantastic mushroom and greens main dish with mashed potatoes I had during on of his “Last Supper (of the month)” theme meals. The menu consists of Southern food with a twist and is all obtained from local farmers. We see Mac shopping at the market a lot! If you could only go to one place on this list, make it this restaurant! 🙂

9. Abyssinia Ethiopian: Located on Poplar near the library, this is one small restaurant that is easy to just pass by – but you shouldn’t! I was a little skeptical judging by the outward appearance, but our friends Genevieve and Stanton took us there once and promised it was delicious. They were right! The vegetarian dishes are a mix of different vegetables and spiced lentils all served with injera bread. The fish is good too! If you are looking to try something different, stop here!

10. Fuel Truck: Ok, so this one isn’t a restaurant, but I had to mention it! Fuel is always at the farmer’s market and has some of the best vegetarian tacos and grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had! I wish I knew how they made their taco “meat” filling – it looks like it’s a combo of lentils and a few other things. Yum! You can track the truck from @FuelFoodTruck on Twitter.

Mmm… I wish I could have one of these right now!

A few other mentions… all equally delicious!
 – Rock-n-Dough Pizza! Another food truck run by one of the geniuses behind the delicious pizzas at Trolley Stop Market. Jeremy bakes up the pizza in a brick oven he has built into his custom trailer. So good! Follow the truck via Twitter @RocknDoughPizza!
 – Imagine Vegan Cafe. A nice little completely vegan restaurant tucked into a shop in Cooper Young. If you have a vegan friend in town – this is the place to go!
 – Bluefin downtown has a great selection of sushi. I love sitting at their outdoor tables in the summer and people watching. 🙂

For dessert??

Muddy’s Cupcakes!!!

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