Entirely "Scratch-Made" Pizza!

Happy Sunday!
As the keto and gluten free diets have been so popular of late, people on the internet have been getting creative about making pizza low-carb/gluten-free. I had seen a cauliflower pizza crust mentioned a few times on Pinterest and different blogs, so Will and I decided to give it a shot! Since we were going to make the crust from scratch, we decided “why not make the entire pizza at home?”! (Yes, we’re those kind of people. Haha!) The cheese making kit I bought Will for Christmas has really come in handy – while I was making the crust and sauce, he was making up a batch of fresh mozzarella (Click HERE for my cheese-making post!). Yum!

To start, we gathered all the ingredients we would need. 1 gallon of milk for the cheese, tomatoes for the sauce, cauliflower and eggs for the crust, and veggie toppings!

For the crust, I used this recipe from the blog, Eating Bird Food. I just pulsed the raw cauliflower a few times with a food processor until it was chopped into rice sized pieces. After you have a cup chopped up, you just cook it uncovered in the microwave for 8 minutes to soften and remove some of the excess moisture from the cauliflower. 
Mix the cooked cauliflower “rice” with 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, 1 egg, and spices. Pat into a 9″ round circle on a greased cookie sheet. Pop in the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes, or until the edges begin to brown and the middle starts to set.  

Top the crust with sauce (I used a Mark Bittman recipe for this), more cheese, and your favorite pizza toppings! We added mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, red bell pepper, and red onion. Broil the pizza for just a few minutes until the cheese on top begins to melt.

We served ours with a salad. It was delicious! The crust is definitely different from a normal bread crust and still has a bit of a cauliflower taste, but I would definitely make it again. We thought we might try spreading the cauliflower into a thinner circle to see if we could get it a little crisper. The browned pizza “crust” around the edges was the tastiest!


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