Thanksgiving Y’all!

Friends and Family,
 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! I felt so blessed to share it with some great people yesterday! Seriously, I haven’t eaten that much in one sitting in years. Thanksgiving is the one day a year where I don’t necessarily “practice what I preach” as a dietitian! Ha. Since we were all Memphis transplants from across the US and abroad, the table conversation was so entertaining! There was definitely some time spent defining the terms “hot mess”, “djeetyet” (did you eat yet?),  “bless her heart”, and the many meanings behind “mmhmm” (it’s all about inflection!). Geneveive and Stanton were such gracious hosts. I had a wonderful time!

The Menu…
The table is set!
My favorite part of any meal… dessert!

I do need to brag on Will. He made traditional roasted red pepper chile sauce for the turkey which everyone just raved about! It complemented the smoked turkey perfectly. (That’s right, I ate a little turkey this year – I can have one cheat day. Plus I had never had smoked turkey before… it was delicious!) Hope you all had a tasty Thanksgiving!


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