Vegan Week: Wrap-Up

As my vegan week progressed, it seemed to get a little easier and easier – a good thing! However, I know now that it is definitely not a sustainable diet for me. I missed cheese, yogurt, milk, and ice cream too much! This challenge gave me an excuse to finally go to Imagine Vegan Cafe. I was seriously surprised that the turkey cutlets we ordered were actually pretty tasty! We also ordered a sampler platter with buffalo chicken strips, pigs in a blanket, chicken nuggets and cheese sticks all totally vegan. The pigs in a blanket were a little weird… but when you take a gross hot dog and make it vegan, it can only get worse! Haha.

Sampler Platter Munchies
Fake-turkey cutlets!
After dinner we headed to our first flick at the Indie Memphis Film Fest, The Comedy which was nothing like what I was expecting! It starred Tim Heideker, one of the funny guys from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job but apparently the title was ironic because this one was not really a comedy. Ha. Regardless, it was fun to see something unexpected! 
Saturday, I was really missing my chocolate milk fix after the 16-miler with my fellow Star Runners! Instead, I picked up a cinnamon dolce soy latte from Starbucks (once I learned that the majority of their latte syrups are vegan!). It hit the spot. I think I might actually prefer the soy milk. 🙂
That evening, we went to Fuel for dinner. The vegan-friendly dishes were more limited than I had thought. 😦 In the end, I got a salad and bowl of their vegan chili. I shared this with Will and he split his veggie burger with me. That veggie burger was actually one of the best I have ever had! BTW – the sour cream and cheese on the chili are both vegan – not sure what they are made of but they weren’t bad!
After dinner, we headed back to the film fest, this time for Richard’s Wedding. This was such a delightfully different rom-com. 🙂
Sunday I had to work. :-/ Luckily, I had the Memphis Farmers Market’s Harvest Celebration to look forward to all day long! So much fun. 🙂 This year we just went for the food and the company, since we were too late for the silent auction. (We had picked up some fun things last year!) I decided to break my vegan diet for the celebration – there was no way I could turn down those delicious dishes! I figured I’d made it – I was only one meal away from an entire week.
Chillin’ at the Harvest Celebration! (Should have
turned the flash on. Grr.)
I’m loving this new dress and boots – compliments
of Will! 🙂

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