Vegan Day 4: Tortilla-less Burrito!

 Hope you are all having a wonderful Halloween week! I have been having a fun time with this vegan-venture. 🙂 For lunch today, I packed that walnut-tomato pasta I made the other night. It was actually 10x better as leftovers! Maybe I shouldn’t have written that recipe off so quickly. Hmm. I decided to also revisit overnight oatmeal since I needed a quick breakfast again this morning. I think I prefer this made with vanilla almond milk. I loved the hint of vanilla in addition to the pb and bananas I added! Plus, I didn’t have to add anything to sweeten it since the almond milk added enough sweetness by itself. Yum.

  Tonight, I was excited to try something Southwest inspired. This was another super simple dinner. I only wish I had some lettuce or tortillas to wrap it in but I forgot to pick any up at the store… and I wasn’t in the mood to visit Kroger tonight. To make this dish, I just chopped up a sweet potato and cooked it on the stove-top with a little olive oil and vegetable broth. Once the sweet potato chunks had started to soften, I added the beans, seitan, taco seasoning and a bit more broth. Stir together and simmer for about 5-7 minutes. Served in a pile on my plate with some guacamole and veggie leftovers from the other night! Tasty. 🙂
I am excited for Friday! This weekend is the Indie Film Festival in Memphis. I’m hoping to catch some great films!


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