This Weekend: Bridal Shower and Passion Pit!

It looks like the cooler weather is here to stay! Friday was rainy and chilly – perfect for enjoying a bowl of pho after work. Yum. Also, I was definitely wishing I hadn’t forgotten gloves on my 12 mile run on Saturday! Brr! After that run I savored my very long, hot shower! Once I had psyched myself up to face the chill again, I met up with Will to shop at the last Downtown Farmers’ Market of the season. I was so sad I couldn’t volunteer one last time. 😦 However, since Will was volunteering I did get to see some of the fun pet Halloween costumes! So adorable.
After running and market time on Saturday, I headed to a bridal shower for my office-mate/fellow Dietitian, Erin. It’s always a bit fun to see everyone outside of work! The shower was a great time. (Despite the fact that I spent a lot of time trying to get creative on how to wrap Erin’s gift. Why do they even make CLEAR wrapping paper! Lol.)
Since I was the only one with a real camera, I was elected to be photographer. Here’s a few pics from the party!

Guest of honor in the middle with the lovely party hosts! 
Delicious brunch dishes. My fave was the french toast casserole. Yum!
All the lovely VA nutrition staff at the party!

After the party, I was able to get in a glorious long afternoon nap. It was much needed! Later that evening, Will cooked up dinner and we headed to Minglewood Hall for Passion Pit! To be honest, initially I wasn’t super excited to go since I had gotten a bit burned out on their Manners album. It was one of the only cds I had to play in my van the summer I worked for Americorps and did a ton of driving. The concert was much better than I thought it would be! I am really digging the stuff on their newer cd, Gossamer which just released a few months ago. I’m beginning to think this album is much, much better than Manners! Here’s one of my favorites from last night.

“Take a Walk” by Passion Pit
There they are! It’s so hard to get good pics at concerts. Oi.

Hope you did some fun things this weekend! Here’s to another great week! I seriously can’t believe that it is almost November. Where did October go???


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