In order to get a better lay of the (Chicago)land, Will and I took a long weekend to do some exploring! We definitely took advantage of the plethora of fantastic restaurants they have there – including my first taste of true Chicago-style deep dish pizza! Yum. There is seriously so much to do in the city all the time – it’s almost a bit overwhelming. We enjoyed a couple of nights of stand up comedy, films at the Chicago International Film Fest, museums, and quality time with our Cleveland friend Chris (who just happened to also be in town)!

View of the lake from the Aquarium. 
The best part of the Aquarium – jellies!!
Caught a set of short films and one full length feature at the Film Fest!
Deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati’s!

Farmers Market – we had to check out one of theirs of course!
Navy Pier

Water taxi time. 
City views from the river.
Great stand-up at the Laugh Factory!
View from Lakefront trail.
I spent a lovely 22 miles on the trail. The weather and views made it so pleasant!
I was happy to have Will bike alongside of me the last 4 miles. I needed the

Lentil tacos and macaroni-n-cheese from Nana’s. That mac-n-cheese
was divine! I may or may not have had leftovers for breakfast the next

Chicago was definitely a great time. I’m feeling excited to get to spend more time there in the future! The trip felt a bit like the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles since between the two of us, we rode all the forms of transportation! Haha. The Amtrak train from Chicago to Memphis was actually rather pleasant! Now to recover and get back in to the swing of things at work. 🙂


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