Why I’m So Glad I Joined a Running Group!

Too much fun a the photo booth! From left to right: Courtney, Emily, Me(!),
Brad, Donna, Sara, and Sally

      Last week, I had a blast at the Memphis Interfaith Association’s annual Feed the Soul Event at The Warehouse. (Just across the street from my apartment!) When this picture came up on facebook today I knew I had to share it on my blog as well. This photo depicts exactly why I am so glad that I decided to join Star Runners last year! When I moved to Memphis a year and a half ago, I didn’t know anyone except Will. It was a tough transition to settle in a new city so far from all of my college friends. In school it is so much easier to meet people and make friends!
    I went out on a limb when I joined Star Runners. A year later, I am still so impressed at how perfect a fit it was for me. The day we met up for that first run, I was so nervous that I would be the slowest one in the pack! (Because, let’s face it, I am no Olympian. Ha!) Luckily, it ended up being a group for people of all paces – both faster and slower than I. Plus, the overall attitude of the group wasn’t just about preparing for local races… but enjoying the company of the people you sweat through the miles with each week!
   As you can tell from the picture, the fun doesn’t end on runs! I keep trying not to think too much about my future move to Chicago. I will really miss running and spending time with these great people! Now that I know how rewarding it can be… I am totally joining a running group when I move!!

Just one more awesome pic from Feed the Soul! 🙂

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