Dietitians of the World Unite!

Hey Friends!
 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 🙂 I just flew back to Memphis last night from Philadelphia where the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo was held. I always love attending these conferences not only for the new information but also to get excited about being a dietitian again! It is so inspiring (and a bit intimidating… not going to lie!) to hear all of these dietitians who have accomplished so much in their careers in nutrition. Plus, I ran into one of my Bluffton nutrition classmates (small world!), as well as said “hi” to Dr. Steiber from my days at Case Western. Glad to see them again!
 In additional to the interesting presentations, I also volunteered at the VA career/internship booth at the Expo part of the conference – what a fun experience! I got to talk with so many prospective interns and dietitians looking for a career change who stopped by our booth to chat. The VA really is a pretty cool place to work.

Why, hello FNCE!
VA Expo Booth!

  My top 2 fave sessions of the conference were on blogging (of course!) and one on how to write a sensational article pitch for print/online publishing. The two ladies who did the latter session were editors at Eating Well Magazine and I am so jealous of their jobs!
  In addition to the great conference, it just so happened to be restaurant week in Philly. Awesome!!! We were able to snatch up some pretty fantastic food at a great price. 🙂 We hit up Sole Food, El Vez (my fave!), Continental Mid-Town, and Scoop DeVille Ice Cream. Plus, the convention center was just across the street from Reading Terminal Market which had tons of small delicious food vendors to choose from.

Geeky pose on our way to dinner
Best margarita I have ever had! Blood orange flavor from El Vez!
Fantastic food action at the Reading Terminal Market!
No trip is complete without a brewery stop! I tried the Grog at Nodding Head…
I only wish I could have stayed a bit longer so I could explore city more! All the more reason to visit Philly again. 🙂

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