Green(er) Pastures

As you all may know, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 10 days in Ireland visiting my friend Charis. Although I didn’t find any leprachauns to provide me with a pot of gold, I did have many fun adventures exploring the city of Dublin. Ireland was just as green and pretty as I expected it to be!

First of many coffees!
Guinness factory/museum
Straight from the source!
Exploring Howth
Sailboats along the shores of Howth
Out on the town!
We met Charis’ work friends for a drink. 🙂
Hiking! Beautiful view of Dublin from the top!
Wicklow Way hiking trail
Cillian was happy to stop for some fro-yo!
Totally ready to have one of my own… JK!!! 
Bridge from the film PS I Love You. Secretly wishing I could still run in to Gerard Butler there. Haha.
Happy sheep chillin’ by the roadside. 🙂
One of the beautiful twin lakes of Glendalough.
Dublin Gaol tour!
Trinity College

In addition to the adventures above many Butler chocolates, coffee, and Guinness was thoroughly enjoyed. Actually, I wish coffee here in Memphis was served with a piece of chocolate or biscuit! I will miss that. Above all, it was so refreshing to finally get to catch up on Charis and get a glimpse of life and motherhood (little Cillian is such a cutie) in Dublin! (Oh, and to have a few pints with Tony of course!)


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