Nerdy 30 B-Day

I was so not ready for this weekend to end. I was having so much fun! Will turned 30 on Saturday, so I tried to come up with some fun gifts/activities to celebrate. The big party comes next weekend when we celebrate with our friends Josh, who also had a birthday the same day(!) and Amanda, whose b-day was the 19th. July is a popular month!

Still a cutie at 30! 

Friday, we had dinner at the Trolley Stop Market – always a winner! Afterwards, we scooted over to the Orpheum theater for The Princess’ Bride. That movie seriously never gets old. We were a little late, and the theater was so packed they had to open the box seats – we were able to snatch one of those. Sweeet! The best part was that the entire theater would quote certain lines or cheer whenever Inigo Montoya said his famous line, “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Classic.
Since I just couldn’t wait, I gave Will one of presents on Friday night. I saw this on a blog one day and thought it was cute. So I did it too! I was too sheepish to buy that much beer in one place so I went to 3 stores. Lol. I bought 30 bottles of beer and tied pictures or tags on which I had written things I love/appreciate about him to each bottle. I think he liked it. 🙂

Saturday I did a tough 12 mile run with my Star Runners friends. We all got soooo lost. Ha! I just followed Sally and Emily and they were able to figure out a way to get our miles in still. Those ladies are awesome! Afterwards, it was pet-sitting at the market. My faves of the day were these two chihuahua sized poodles named Coco and Chanel.

This is probably to closest I will ever get to wearing Coco Chanel. 

Saturday evening we went to Will’s neighbor’s apartment for a little birthday party. (Yes, her too!!). We used some spearmint I had noticed was growing near his driveway to mix up some mint mojitos. They were soooo delicious. Taste just like summer. Seriously. Sunday we went met up with my Star Runners friends (+ significant others) for a Redbirds game. They actually won too! It was so nice to hang out together as a group for something other than running or racing. 🙂

Go Redbirds!!!

Now it’s Monday again. Oi. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be in something called “yellow belt” training for the next 3 days. Initially, I thought it might have something to do with karate. Unfortunately, it’s about learning to do performance improvement projects. Yuck. I so wanted to learn how to karate chop through a bunch of wood blocks!


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