Coffee Chat with Deb

Back in the days of high school and college I remember how I would meet up with friends at coffee shops in the area just to hang out all the time. Sometimes I miss those days. Friends, if we were to meet for coffee today, here’s a bit of the news I’d gladly share!
– I bought a ticket to Ireland on Thursday!!!! I am so incredibly excited to go visit Charis and meet Cillian! (Oh, and spend some time with Tony of course! Haha.) Initially, I tried to buy the ticket through Priceline and was charged 3 times! It never let me buy the ticket and I spent a lot of time on the phone the following days with Priceline and my bank. As soon as my account was cleared again, I went ahead and bought it through the airline directly. So. much. easier!
– Will got a new job! He’ll be working for one of our Grad school profs, Dr. Steiber as the Senior Project Manager for research at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (ie. AND). As far as I know he’ll be helping collect research outcomes to compile into a database for AND. I’ve known about all this for a while, but couldn’t say anything until the job offer was signed! His last day at the VA is fast approaching. I’ll miss getting to eat lunch with him and seeing him at random times throughout the day if I need!
– What does Will’s new career move mean for me? Well, he can work from home here in Memphis for a few months and travel to the AND headquarters on occasion. Where is AND located you ask??? CHICAGO!!!! I’m pretty stoked to be moving back north eventually. I’ll be much closer to my Bluffton friends and I may be crazy but I miss the longer months of chilly weather. (I’d much rather spend more time in skinny jeans and scarves than tank tops and shorts!) The only bad part is having to find a new job. 😦
– For about a month now, I’ve been doing a bit of the readings from this group, “She Reads Truth”. I initially found out about it when the author of one of favorite blogs, EatLiveRun mentioned it. It’s a daily devotional with discussion let on Twitter by some other really awesome bloggers.
– I’m excited for Will’s 30th birthday this weekend! I can’t wait to have him open the things I bought. I used an idea I saw on a blog a few weeks ago in an effort to be a little more creative for a mile-stone year! 🙂 We’ll also be celebrating next weekend with a combined party with our friends Josh and Amanda – both of whom have birthdays the same day/weekend as Will!
– My Bluffton friends may be coming to visit me next weekend! I’m so excited to see them again! I seriously feel so blessed to have such great friends. 🙂


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