Weekend Highlights

I think I need a vacation. I just never feel like I am ready for Monday! Oh well. This weekend was pretty similar to last… we need to get back into the habit of reading the Memphis Flyer to see what other fun things are happening in town!
Friday we grabbed a pizza at Memphis Pizza Company (awesome way to carb-load!) then walked across the street to see Ted! 

Mmm… I love my pizza loaded with veggies!

Will had been dying to see this movie – and I admit, it was pretty funny! The best part of it was this middle-aged woman accompanied by a 70+ year old man with a cane who sat right by us. Will and I looked at each other and thought that they must have accidentally come in to the wrong movie. (I mean, Ted was written by the same people who do Family Guy so…) To our surprise though, this older man loved it! He was tapping his cane and cracking up the majority of the movie. Ha!
Saturday I met my running friends for a 10 mile run in Midtown. This was a tough one as Star threw in a 5K time trial in the middle! In other words, we ran 4ish miles at an easy pace, then ran our estimated 5K pace, ie. booked it for 3.1 miles, then finished the 10 miles at our easy pace again. Let me just say, I was exhausted by the time the afternoon came around.
After running, I did my usual pet-sitting shift at the market with Will. My friend Emily even stopped by with her little dog Olive. Such a cutie!This little guy slipped out of his harness when his owners were still signing him in! He seemed to like Will. 🙂

At least a good hour or so of my Saturday afternoon I spent stuck on the phone with Priceline’s customer service. The problem isn’t fixed yet, but hopefully in the next day or so! More on that later. 🙂 Will worked some magic so that I was able to even be able to talk to a person. So kind of him!
Sunday has been pretty low key. I did a nice bike ride on the Greenline this afternoon. I love that Star included the option of a 1-hour cross training session on Sundays instead of a 3 mile run. I have definitely been taking advantage! At the market yesterday, I was on a mission to get the veggies I saw in this post by KathEats so I could replicate the recipe at home. Just eggplant, okra, and cherry tomatoes tossed with olive oil, S+P, and a sprinkle of red pepper. I made them for dinner this evening and they were so delicious and easy!!

I totally wish I had known about this before!!! I bought a lot so I’ll be working on these all week. Yum. 🙂
Now, back to reading the latest book for book club. I’m struggling a little with finishing this one!


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