Baby… It’s Hot Outside

I am really enjoying this Indie summer movie series at the classy Orpheum theater downtown. The theater is just a short walk down the street from my apartment, so it is super easy to catch these great flicks!

Pulp Fiction was on the screen on Thursday. I had never seen this one before, but had heard a lot of good things about it. Lots of gang action with some hilarious quotes thrown in by Samuel L. Jackson. Definitely entertaining. Friday, we went back again with our friends Josh and Amanda for Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. I forgot how exciting that movie was – exploding heads, dangerous snakes, and booby traps and all!

Excited for Pulp Fiction!

This morning I was up super early to go run the hills at Shelby Forest with running group. At 6:30 AM it was still 80ish degrees with 100% humidity. Insane hills + heat + humidity = recipe for an arduous run! Let’s just say, I think that was the most I have ever sweat. So gross. Will just loves this super warm weather after growing up in New Mexico, but I am having trouble not feeling like I’m melting… (my hair is also a hot mess with this humidity!)
Recently, I have been really stuck on William Fitzsimmons. I think he kind of looks like a heavily bearded Ryan Gosling… what do you think?

Ryan Gosling… (source)
William Fitzsimmons… (source)

Crazy right?! I just can’t get enough of “Good Morning” and “I Don’t Feel it Anymore”. Speaking of music, I stumbled across this really cool blog that talks about pairing food and music. A concept that I had totally never even considered before. Check it out –>

Hope you are all surviving the heat! I’m going to go get yet another glass of ice water to try to keep cool. Check in again soon! 

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