World Spins Madly On…

    The last few weeks feel like they have just been flying by! I can hardly keep up with this little blog. 🙂 Although busy, life has been pretty uneventful for me lately. Just a lot of the usual: eat, sleep, work, run, read, repeat. I’m feeling a bit better about work of late now that I was given the psych wards (these guys are highly entertaining!).  The patient load has also picked up a bit in radiation oncology clinic in the last week or so. I feel much more fulfilled with my job when I have a lot more going on – there were many days times in the last few months where I was feeling, well… bored.

    Friday, Will and I kicked off the weekend with a visit Central BBQ for dinner. Afterwards, we watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. I always love anything with Steve Carell in it! I have been missing my fill after he left The Office. Keira Knightely was a bit of a strange pick to cast alongside of Carell as the love interest in this movie… but perhaps it was meant to feel a little awkward? Since it was the end of the world and all. This movie had me thinking the rest of the evening about the sorts of things I would do if I knew the world would be ending in just a few weeks.
    Saturday morning I joined my running group friends for an 8-mile run downtown. This was the first run where I tried out the run-walk method! From now, until the marathon in December, I’ll be incorporating walk intervals into my long runs. I was surprised how much faster my recovery was with these little walk breaks! I was a little skeptical at first because when I signed up for the marathon I was thinking I wanted to run it. Well, that was before I really started thinking about how taxing it will be to run 26.1 miles!  Our coach said the other day, we’ll run over 600 miles before the marathon. Yikes! I’m hoping this run/walk method will be a little easier on my body. Definitely a good thing!
    Last Sunday, we went for a long bike ride on the Greenline bike trail for a bit of cross-training. It felt good to be using a few different muscles in my legs than just the ones for running. I took my bike back out to the trail again on Wednesday. I’m really working on making the most of cross-training days this training cycle. I want to be injury free before St. Jude this year! Tonight I’m headed to Fleet Feet running store for another free yoga sessions. I’m loving these bi-weekly classes!

Market goodies!

    This week at the farmer’s market I made sure to pick up some blueberries! Omg. They are so delicious! We had dinner with our friends Josh and Amanda last night and Will cooked up a custard for our market berries. So simple, but so tasty! The custard recipe was actually inspired by the guest chef do a demo at work for National Nutrition Month. Will got it spot-on!
     In other news, my friend Charis had her little baby this past week! So adorable. Now I have yet another reason to get my butt overseas and visit! 🙂


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