10 Things for Monday

Howdy Friends!
  So, I was totally not ready for Monday… were you? Work was pretty hoppin’ since a few other RDs were out. That also means that the day just flew by, so it wasn’t necessarily all bad! I almost feel like I could count all the stair climbing and walking I did around the hospital as my cross-training for the day. Haha! Will and I had a bit of a quiet weekend again so there isn’t anything real exciting to report. Instead, I thought I would share a few things I’ve been thinking about/enjoying of late…
1. Just finished the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest which is the last book in this 3 book series. I sat down on my couch with this novel on Saturday and was bound and determined to finish it. Good thing it’s hard to put down anyways! If you’re looking for an exciting read full of crime-solving these are definitely a series you should check out.
2. I had serious craving for some Muddy’s cupcakes, so I dragged Will there on Saturday. There’s just nothing that can beat these beauties. 🙂

3. The farmer’s market was overrun with peaches on Saturday. They are sooo delicious! It still surprises me how much earlier the growing season for things are down here. Back home in PA – I always had to wait until August!
4. Will and I celebrated Friday with dinner at Molly’s. Of course, Mexican food just doesn’t taste as good without margaritas! Everyone needs a little margarita sometime. 🙂

5. I wrote a guest post for my running coach’s blog. It’s just a brief intro to nutrition and healthy eating. I could have written a post that was pages and pages long. It was so hard to decide what to write about! See the post here. Hopefully, there will be opportunity for more fun posts on a variety of sports nutrition things in the future.
6.  Saturday, Will and I cooked up this absolutely delicious curry. Yum! It made a huge pot of it – we both tend to go a little overboard when chopping veggies to throw in. This one also included a bit of tofu for some protein!

7. I got a haircut after the market on Saturday. Not that I didn’t desperately need it or anything… ha! This is one thing that I am always terrible about procrastinating. Luckily, through Will, I was able to find a great stylist here in Memphis!
8. I went to a free yoga class at the local Fleet Feet running store. The instructor that teaches these classes is one of my absolute faves. She is a runner herself so she knows what moves to really stretch out muscles that tight from the repetitive motion of running. I only wish her studio wasn’t so far away in the suburbs!
9. I’ve been thinking about and playing around with switching my blog over to a wordpress host rather than blogger. I started transferring some posts yesterday. Not totally convinced yet if I want to commit to the switch quite yet!
10. This Color Run looks like a blast! I just might sign up for this race today!


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