Weekend Highlights

It is terrible if I wonder if I’ll always be “living for the weekend”? I’ve only been working at my 8-4:30 job for over a year and a half! Not that I don’t really enjoy my job (most days!) – it can be rewarding interacting with Vets and listening to their stories or joking with some of the ones on the residential ward who have dubbed me Taylor Swift. Ha!
Like last weekend, this one was pretty chill. Friday night, we went to our friend Josh’s house to hang out and enjoy some tasty pizza. At one point the conversation turned to ideas for the next big-money making phone app. I think we came up with some pretty creative ones! Saturday, I was up bright and early to meet Emily at the Greenline for a 9-mile run. I’m really bad at making sure I have Gu on hand for fuel… Since it was too late in the evening to hit up the running store, I bought some Starbursts and surprisingly, I feel like they worked pretty well! Sugar = happy muscles! However, I really wish I could come up with a way to make my own natural fuel for runs. I’d feel much better eating something made of fruit than just candy! Hmmm… After my run, I raced back downtown to the farmer’s market for pet-sitting. It was a fun day to pet-sit since this group of silk acrobats had set up right in front of our tent! I could not imagine flipping around in the air like they did. No thank you!

In the evening, Will and I packed up a little picnic of salad, brie and crackers then walked to Overton Park for a free concert at the Levitt Shell. What a great way to enjoy live music! We were even able to bring Honey along join in the fun.

After a short trip to Whole Foods early this afternoon, I’ve been attached to my couch the majority of the day. I just finished the second book in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series! Both that first book and this one, The Girl Who Played with Fire, were a bit slow to start but once the plot picked up, the thick novel hardly left my hands!  I was totally absorbed. Now I finally understand why all my coworkers at the Bodies Museum last year were so caught up in it. I’ll definitely be making a trip to the library soon so I can hopefully finish off the series soon!


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