25 While 25

Perhaps I have been feeling a bit like I am in a “quarter life crisis” or maybe I need some goals to work towards now that I have no more school and a “career”.  Anyways, I had been seeing something similar to this on different blogs and I started thinking about creating my own list a few weeks before my birthday.  Originally, I had thought I would do a 25 by 25 list, but I ran out of time. Plus, I like the idea of giving myself a year to accomplish some things on the list. A few I will note, were ones that appeared on my New Years resolutions/goals list, so it serves as a reminder because I still want to do them! As I complete tasks I figured it give me new posts to write about as I update y’all on the fun! These tasks are in no particular order, so the numbering means nothing about their importance. Here we go…

1. Get a pedicure – the toe-bearing summers in Memphis are long and let me just tell you – long distance running does not pretty feet make!
2. Sign up for Twitter just to see what all of the fuss is about.
3. Bake a legit cake – with layers and frosting – the whole shabang. 
4. Take a ballet barre fitness or hot yoga class.
5. Take an art/photography class. (One class and/or a mini series – not a whole semester!)
6. Learn to make my own iced coffee/tea. 
7. Go kayaking/canoeing. 
8. Read 25 books. 
9. Take a wine tasting class. 
10. Get my wisdom teeth pulled. (Eek!)
11. Invest in a better camera.
12. Visit Charis in Ireland. 
13. Go vegan for a few days.
14. Host a party.
15. Plant a tree/plant.
16. Be able to do 20 real push-ups in a row.
17. Make something crafty.
18. Do a “mud run” or adventure race.
19. Find out what the heck a “cheese double cheese” is!!!
20. Go on a road-trip to somewhere I have never been before. 
21. Go camping. 
22. Visit Graceland. I figure if I don’t make it a goal, I will move away and realize “why did I never go when I still lived there?”.
23. Go to the dermatologist – just to make sure I’m skin cancer free!
24. Attend a nutrition conference.
25. Learn to can/make jam.

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