Deb in Dallas

Last evening, I breathed a sigh of relief as I crossed the Mississippi into Memphis once again. Over the last few days I drove 15 hrs, listened to the entire second book in the Hunger Games Series Catching Fire on Audible, drank copious amounts of coffee, and sat in on about a dozen cancer nutrition presentations! That’s right, I was in Dallas, TX for the first ever Oncology Dietetic Practice Group National Conference. I seriously learned so much applicable information over the course of the day and a half of presentations. I also realized I still have sooo much to learn. BTW, has anyone else notice that it is always windy in Dalllas?! Both times I’ve visited it’s been so blustery. (I don’t think I could ever have a good hair day if I lived there! Big curly hair + humidity + high winds = recipe for disaster…) Anyways, I thought I would share a few interesting things I learned. 🙂

Conference time!!

-Originally, head and neck cancers were only strongly linked to people with a history of smoking and alcohol abuse and it was diagnosed when over the age of 65 typically. Now, it is becoming more common to see younger patients with these cancers due to HPV. Not quite the same as the STD linked to cervical cancers but a similar strain found in the oral mucosa. 
– The number of cancer survivors is increasing dramatically – by 2020, there may be up to 19 million!
– The nutrient needs of patients undergoing bone marrow transplant is incredible! Especially if they develop a complication like graft vs. host disease. An average patient needs 25-30 kcals/kg of body weight while a transplant patient may need 50 kcals/kg of body weight. For example: a normal 5’11” male weighing 180 lbs will need between 2050 – 2460 calories/day while that same man after transplant will need 4100 calories per day!! A nearly impossible amount to eat especially when also combating nausea, diarrhea, etc. Thankfully, nutrition support is an option!
– Even if a woman is overweight/obese she can still improve her odds of survival after breast cancer by maintaining a high fruit/vegetable diet and exercising regularly.

I could go on forever – but I promise I won’t! I was glad for opportunity to go for sure. I’m excited to get to practice some of the things I’ve learned once I get back to work. 🙂

Pizza What?!?!

I’m not sure if any of you had come across this on the internet yet… so I thought I’d share! The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sends out this daily email of links for various nutrition-related things online. In the last couple of weeks, articles were posted about both of these absolutely absurd new Pizza Hut dishes…

Crown Crust Cheeseburger Pizza
Hot Dog Stuffed Crust

Seriously?! Can you make my job any harder Pizza Hut? (Or maybe I should be thanking them for ensuring my job security. Hmm…). It does make it tough to help patients eat healthier, lose weight, and control their diet-related health conditions when fast food is so convenient and so terrible for you! Plus, I can’t even count how many times I hear, “But I don’t know how to cook” every week. Let me tell you – it is much faster and cheaper to just make yourself a turkey sandwich at home than to drive/walk/bike all the way to a restaurant to over-indulge on this junk. Oi.
This morning, I came across this interesting article posted by another blogger. It’s about a case that the North Carolina Board of Nutrition/Dietetics is filing against this blogger who was claiming to be a nutrition expert who knew the diet cure for diabetes –> see article here. He was also providing counseling to readers who would write him with different questions about their blood sugars – dangerous territory indeed. I understand that this may make many food bloggers concerned the dietitians are just out to get them if they ever give any advice on diet – but it’s not so. The hard part about being a professional in nutrition is that everyone feels they have some advice to offer when it comes to food because, we all eat and food seems so simple. However, when someone is offering advice as an “expert” to people with diabetes, or crohn’s, or heart disease – then it is definitely a reason for us as a profession trying to maintain our status to pursue some kind of repercussion for those situations. You’re allowed to blog and say “This is what I eat and it works for me”, the issue is when you say, “This is what I eat and since it works for me, it will work for you. So, everyone should eat just like me.”.
Anyways, that article was something interesting to mull over a bit this morning! Now, I’m off to DALLAS for an oncology nutrition conference this weekend! I’m so excited!

Spring is Here!

There are so many pretty plants blooming in Memphis right now! I have been a little ridiculous about taking pictures of some of the flowers I’ve seen. Ha! Regardless, it has given me the chance to play around with Instagram. So happy it came out for Android!!!

Totally not a real tree! But love it!

This was a bouquet I picked up at the Market for myself. 🙂

Hope you are getting to enjoy some of the beauty of spring!

25 While 25

Perhaps I have been feeling a bit like I am in a “quarter life crisis” or maybe I need some goals to work towards now that I have no more school and a “career”.  Anyways, I had been seeing something similar to this on different blogs and I started thinking about creating my own list a few weeks before my birthday.  Originally, I had thought I would do a 25 by 25 list, but I ran out of time. Plus, I like the idea of giving myself a year to accomplish some things on the list. A few I will note, were ones that appeared on my New Years resolutions/goals list, so it serves as a reminder because I still want to do them! As I complete tasks I figured it give me new posts to write about as I update y’all on the fun! These tasks are in no particular order, so the numbering means nothing about their importance. Here we go…

1. Get a pedicure – the toe-bearing summers in Memphis are long and let me just tell you – long distance running does not pretty feet make!
2. Sign up for Twitter just to see what all of the fuss is about.
3. Bake a legit cake – with layers and frosting – the whole shabang. 
4. Take a ballet barre fitness or hot yoga class.
5. Take an art/photography class. (One class and/or a mini series – not a whole semester!)
6. Learn to make my own iced coffee/tea. 
7. Go kayaking/canoeing. 
8. Read 25 books. 
9. Take a wine tasting class. 
10. Get my wisdom teeth pulled. (Eek!)
11. Invest in a better camera.
12. Visit Charis in Ireland. 
13. Go vegan for a few days.
14. Host a party.
15. Plant a tree/plant.
16. Be able to do 20 real push-ups in a row.
17. Make something crafty.
18. Do a “mud run” or adventure race.
19. Find out what the heck a “cheese double cheese” is!!!
20. Go on a road-trip to somewhere I have never been before. 
21. Go camping. 
22. Visit Graceland. I figure if I don’t make it a goal, I will move away and realize “why did I never go when I still lived there?”.
23. Go to the dermatologist – just to make sure I’m skin cancer free!
24. Attend a nutrition conference.
25. Learn to can/make jam.

Pictorial Summary of My Life in the last Week(ish)

I realized that it had been a few days since I had last posted and over the last week or so, I’ve taken so many pictures! None of them are really related whatsoever, so I thought I would just give you a quick summary of my week… Be warned, there is a fair amount of sushi and other food involved! (Of course!)

Sushi at the new Mulan restaurant in Cooper Young
Awesome tree at Mellow Mushroom Pizzaria!

Pizza date on Tuesday at TSM with Will. 🙂
Sushi at Pacific Rim
Celebrating Alex’s birthday with sushi, cake, and new friends!
Appetizers at Andrew Michael’s Italian Kitchen
Delicious Grouper at Andrew Michael’s!
Workin’ this cute dress Charis sent me for my birthday!